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Meet The Weirds

The Weird family move in next door to the Primms and Pinchton Primm is intrigued by their unconventional way of life, especially compared to his life at home. But when his parents

ISBN10 : 1781120749 , ISBN13 : 9781781120743

Page Number : 79

Wildly Weird

Pinchton finally meets the weirdest member of the Weird family, the house plant. There is something very strange about the plant - it seems to have a life of its own. When the Weir

ISBN10 : 1781120757 , ISBN13 : 9781781120750

Page Number : 71

Weird O Pedia

Check out the weird and wonderful facts in this massive encyclopedia of alphabetized oddities: HUMANS ARE THE ONLY ANIMALS THAT ENJOY SPICY FOOD (there’s a reason no one sells Ta

ISBN10 : 9781510722255 , ISBN13 : 1510722254

Page Number : 224

Born Weird

The Weirds have always been a little off, but not one of them ever suspected that they'd been cursed by their grandmother. At the moment of the births of her five grandchildren Ann

ISBN10 : 9780307366825 , ISBN13 : 0307366820

Page Number : 288