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Bully-Proof Kids: Practical tools to help your child to grow up confident, …

Based on many years’ experience counselling bullies and targets, Stella O’Malley offers concrete strategies to empower children and teenagers to deal confidently with bullying and dominant characters.

She identifies effective ways for families to cope when bullying occurs, including approaching the school authorities, communicating with the bully’s parents and tips to tackle cyberbullying.

Stella’s common-sense approach will help your child, tween or teen to develop their emotional…

Bully Proof Kids

Author : Stella O'Malley  |  Pub Date : 2017-07-28  |  Publisher : Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN 10 : 9780717175437
ISBN 13 : 071717543X

Based on many years’ experience counselling bullies and targets, Stella O’Malley offers concrete strategies to empower children and teenagers to deal confidently with bullying ..

Raising Bully Proof Kids

Author : Paul Coughlin  |  Pub Date : 2011-06-01  |  Publisher : Revell

ISBN 10 : 0800788133
ISBN 13 : 9780800788131

With a little help, parents can raise assertive, confident, bully-proof children. While he shows parents how to avoid over-parenting and how to instill the virtues of toughness, wi..

Trauma Proofing Your Kids

Author : Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.  |  Pub Date : 2014-09-16  |  Publisher : North Atlantic Books

ISBN 10 : 9781583949726
ISBN 13 : 1583949720

The number of anxious, depressed, hyperactive and withdrawn children is staggering—and still growing! Millions have experienced bullying, violence (real or in the media), abuse o..

Cotton Wool Kids

Author : Stella O'Malley  |  Pub Date : 2015-02-13  |  Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 1781173206
ISBN 13 : 9781781173206

Gives parents the information and confidence to free themselves and their children from the treadmill of after-school activities and over-supervision that has become the norm today..

How To Raise A Millionaire

Author : Ann M James  |  Pub Date : 2012-04-24  |  Publisher : Morgan James Publishing

ISBN 10 : 9781614482468
ISBN 13 : 1614482462

Describes how to build self-confidence and self-esteem in children through six life skills called the "millionaire skills" and a guide to helping them start a business at a young a..

Little Girls Can Be Mean

Author : Michelle Anthony, M.A., Ph.D.  |  Pub Date : 2010-08-17  |  Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN 10 : 1429964804
ISBN 13 : 9781429964807

Worried about mean girls? Help your daughter respond and react to bullying where it starts---in elementary school As experts in developmental psychology and each a mother of three,..

Bullyproof Your Child For Life

Author : Joel Haber  |  Pub Date : 2007  |  Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 0399533184
ISBN 13 : 9780399533181

A parenting manual to help children develop confidence, self-esteem, compassion, and trust in order to thrive in any situation or environment, and explains how to detect the early ..

Shelby The Cat

Author : Don M. Winn  |  Pub Date : 2010-05-25  |  Publisher : BookBaby

ISBN 10 : 9781937615086
ISBN 13 : 1937615081

Shelby the Cat is not a typical cat. He is kind and caring and looks out for all those who are smaller than he is. He loves to read and tell stories. He makes friends with mice and..

Friendship And Other Weapons

Author : Signe Whitson  |  Pub Date : 2011-10-15  |  Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN 10 : 0857005405
ISBN 13 : 9780857005403

Long before most school programs begin anti-bullying campaigns, young girls are getting a full education in social aggression. Girls as young as age five are experiencing acts of b..

No More Mean Girls

Author : Katie Hurley  |  Pub Date : 2018-01-30  |  Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 9781524704674
ISBN 13 : 1524704679

In this Queen Bees and Wannabes for the elementary and middle school set, child and adolescent psychotherapist Katie Hurley shows parents of young girls how to nip mean girl behavi..

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